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VIP Concierge Services

Our VIP services are limited only by your imagination, but here’s a good starting point…

We owe our rapid growth to personal recommendations, having gone the extra mile to build strong relationships with numerous high-net-worth individuals from all corners of the world, and that’s how we’ll always operate. The better we know our clients, the better we can serve them.

Never used a VIP concierge service? Find out what you’ve been missing. 

We put a lot of time into building relationships with clients across the world of business, getting to know them so well that we can anticipate their needs and find a way to exceed their expectations. We then do just that, organising their schedules, supporting their lives, and arranging events and experiences that they’ll never forget.

VIP Ultimate Experiences with Concierge UK
VIP Ultimate Experiences with Concierge UK
VIP Ultimate Experiences with Concierge UK

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Sports Tickets


The best Tickets for Sporting Events in Europe and UK. Football, Rugby, Golf, Tennis and more. Exclusive VIP Tickets!

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Concert Tickets


Concert Tickets to the best Gigs and Concerts on offer, Wembley, Birmingham and Hospitality, meet and greet.

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VIP Racing Tickets


Grand National, Epson, Derby Day, Dubai Races to Cheltenham Gold Cup corporate race events and VIP racing tickets.

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VIP Celebrity Events


Meeting a Celebrity can be one of the most memorable lifetime events.  Let Concierge make your dreams come true.

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Exclusive Tickets and Events


Exclusive Tickets for Gigs, Sports Events and to the most exclusive of events. ConciergeUK provide VIP services.

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VIP Concierge


VIP Tickets, Hospitality Events and the most Exclusive Concerts. We Provide VIP Concierge in Europe & Internationally!

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Executive Staff

Our staff are trained and attentive to make your experience of our concierge services memorable.

Personal Concierge

ConciergeUK love exceeding client expectations. Our philosophy is to treat you as a VIP should be treated.

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Bespoke Concierge

Our Concierge Services are as flexible as you are, bespoke luxury and lifestyle or event managed services.

Event Organisation to Travel Arrangement

Executive, VIP or Exclusive, ConciergeUK provide specialist services in UK, Europe and Internationally.

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Exclusive Events

If you're looking for a Specialist Concierge then you've found the right company.

VIP Tickets & Special Events

If you’ve been searching for Concierge Services for exclusive events and tickets.

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Concierge Services – Europe & International

Offices located in Europe and placed strategically abroad. ConciergeUK can cater for International Concierge needs.

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