These terms and conditions should be read carefully by the Client(s) as they provide the legal framework against which the Company agrees to provide Services to the Client(s) and to which the Client(s) agrees to be bound. Please refer to the end of the document for ‘Definitions and Interpretation’. The language for retainerships/agreements is English.


Concierge is happy to offer retainerships, non-retainerships, event management agreements, daily rates or provide services on an ‘as incurred’ basis. Acceptance by the Company of a Retainership or signed agreement by the Client in any form constitutes a binding contractual agreement between the Company and the client(s) upon these Terms and Conditions commencing from the Effective Date detailed in either the agreement or retainer.

Retainership is personal to the client(s) and cannot be transferred to any third party. The Company may transfer its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions at any time, subject to giving client(s) 7 days’ prior written notice of such intention to transfer. If the Company was to transfer its rights and obligations, it still guarantee’s to meet the obligations as detailed in the specific retainers/agreements.


1.1 Full-Retainership constitutes a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service. A maximum of 200 hours per calendar month (PCM) can be used under this agreement, any unused hours cannot be transferred to the following month. Description of inclusive services will be agreed and detailed in the clients specific agreement.

1.2 Monthly-Retainership constitutes a 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service and includes a daily rate for services agreed and detailed in the clients specific agreement.

1.3 Non-Retainer is for services agreed between the client(s) and the company at a daily rate and as detailed in a specific agreement or through an event management agreement where a fixed price is agreed between the Client and Company.


2.1 For ‘Full’ & ‘Monthly’ Retainership’s, payment of the first month (minimum) is required upfront and no later than the effective date of the agreement and then subsequent months should be paid no later than the 1st working day of each month.

2.2 Any agreed fees, including the retainership Fee/daily rates etc shall be paid by either a Payment Card, direct bank transfer or standing order only. Fees need to be cleared before services are provided.

2.3 Unless the Company gives its prior written consent, it will not accept payment of agreed fee’s by any method other than those stated in clause 2.2.

2.4 Where the Client(s) chooses to pay the Company by annual standing order, payment must be arranged in advance by the Client by completing the annual standing order mandate (“the Mandate”). Where a Client selects to pay it’s fee’s by Payment Card, the client may authorise the Company to charge subsequent fees to the Payment Card as agreed in the agreement. Where the Client has chosen to pay by Payment Card and the Company fails to receive such payment for any reason (including by virtue of the credit limit of the Payment Card having been exceeded or the Payment Card having been cancelled), the Company shall be entitled to terminate the agreement but without prejudice to its other rights in respect of such non‐payment.

2.5 If the any fee’s or any instalments remain unpaid after the due date for payment, all monies owing to the Company under the Client’s agreement with the Company and as such covered by these Terms and Conditions will become payable immediately. Such monies will include any unpaid balances.

2.6 The Company will charge a 3.2% handling fee in respect of payments of the Retainership Fee or Service(s) Fee made by credit card. Where a Client(s) makes payment of the Retainership Fee or Service Fee by debit card, the Company will charge a handling fee of 40 pence per transaction.

2.7 Client(s) shall pay the fee’s in full without any discount, deduction, set‐off or abatement whatsoever. If the Client(s) fails to make payment in line with their agreement within 30 days following the due date, then without limiting any other right or remedy available to the Company, the Company will: 2.7.1 freeze the client(s) retainership and withdraw the continuation of Services to the client(s); 2.7.2 Where such cancellation of retainership occurs, the Company cannot guarantee a former client(s) will be successfully re‐admitted as a Client(s) at any time following cancellation. 2.7.3 charge the Client(s) interest on all overdue payments until payment is received in full at the annual rate of 3%.


In these terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) the following words and phrases shall have the following respective meanings unless the context requires otherwise:

3.1 “Agreed User” means a specified individual within a Family, Personal Staff or an Organization as named on the Retainership Application Form (or as subsequently notified by the individual to the Company in writing) as having such express authority to instruct the Company to provide Services on the individuals behalf;

3.2 “Company” means ConciergeUK Limited, a company registered and incorporated under the laws of England & Wales (company number 9031757) the address of whose registered office is: Dean Clarke House, Southernhay East, Exeter. EX1 1AP;

3.3 “Goods” means any goods purchased by or supplied to the Company on behalf of a Client(s) and subsequently provided to the Client(s) under the Terms and Conditions which goods shall be deemed to have been purchased by the Company as agent for the Client(s);

3.4 “ Client(s)” means the person or corporate entity named on the Retainership Application Form where acceptance of an application has been communicated to the individual by the Company;

3.5 “Retainership for Services Form” means the application form completed by an Client(s) in applying for a Retainership for Services;

3.6 “Retainership for Services Fee” means the monthly fee charged by the Company to the Client(s) for Retainership of Services;

3.7 “Payment Card” means credit card or debit card;

3.8 “Service Fee” means the fee charged by the Company to the Client(s) for the provision of its

3.9 “Services” means any services provided by the Company to the Client(s) or sourced by the Company from a Supplier for the Client(s) and subsequently provided to a Client(s) under the Terms and Conditions including the purchase of Goods on behalf of the Client(s) ; and

3.10 “Supplier” means any third party supplier with whom the Company liaises in sourcing the Services while acting as agent on behalf of the Client(s).

In these Terms and Conditions: Words denoting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa; Any reference to a statutory provision shall include any amendment, replacement or re‐enactment thereof; and The headings of clauses are intended for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.


The privacy of our clients is important to us and we take care to safeguard it. This page describes our privacy policy, including the information that we might collect and how this is processed.

How we use information about you

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What information do we collect through our website?

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