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Hornets Golf Society – Vilamoura, Portugal

The Hornets Golf Society engaged ConciergeUK Golf Breaks to organise their annual golf trip, last year we organised the trip to Bournemouth, which was great success. This time the choice was Vilamoura, Portugal, staying at the Vila Gale Marina Hotel and playing the Dom Pedro Millennium, Laguna & Pinhall courses, all in top condition. The competition being the “Old Gits” v “young uns” This was a closely fought contest with some great banter but serious golfing. Once the golf finished, the fines committee set about the task to fine those who had not followed the rules of the day (disrespecting his majesty, speaking out of turn and so on….). Going into the final day, the “young uns” were 1 point up and were crowned champions with a 5 point lead.

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I had the opportunity to be part of this society event for the full duration, and was encouraged to join in with their antics! It was an absolute pleasure! I would like to make a special mention to Steve Fairhurst (Hornets Golf Society Secretary) for the opportunity and for his help, also the CUK Team, Ellie, Lesley & Karen, as without their help this trip wouldn’t have been so successful. We have now launched ConciergeUK Golf Breaks, and encourage societies and golfers to get in touch, as we offer a full concierge service on arrival until the very end.

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