Project Description

Cheltenham Festival 2017 – Partnering with Helipad

ConciergeUK were engaged to work alongside Helipad to receive VIP guests arriving by helicopter into the Cheltenham Festival. With the festival spanning over 4 days, the importance was the smooth transition from the helicopter into the chauffeur vehicles and on-wards towards the race course in minimum time and fuss.

Helipad managed over 120 landings/takeoff per day, with the final day being over 250!! an incredible achievement for all the teams involved.

Phoebe Lane joined ConciergeUK for a week of work experience from Bridgwater College, and not only embraced the occasion, but was a valid member of the team.

Big thanks to Nick Cox MD of Helipad and his management team, for the smooth running of the facility, Netjets and Bentley Motors

ConciergeUK Cheltenham Horse Races

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